A Foundation for a Lifetime.

David J. Barker


June 29th 1938 – August 27, 2013

Innovator, physician, scientist, humanitarian — author of THE BARKER THEORY and moving spirit in the founding of a new branch of medicine, THE DEVELOPMENTAL ORIGINS OF HEALTH AND DISEASE.


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In the past, the common diseases of adult life were thought be caused by people’s lifestyles — their food, smoking habits, stress and physical activity. While bad life styles do increase the risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes and cancer, differences in people’s lifestyles do not explain why one person gets a disease while another does not.

The burden of chronic disease is rising. Everyone has family and friends who are affected. The costs for health care are becoming insupportable. Soon 250 million people around the globe will have diabetes. Genes cannot explain such an epidemic.

We need a new strategy to combat this threat. One has been discovered. We now know that if a baby is poorly nourished in the womb, so that it grows slowly, its organs, including its heart, kidney and bone, will be permanently changed and made vulnerable to coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis.

A baby is nourished by its mother’s body as well as by what she eats in pregnancy. Her body is built up through her life. Girls and young women need to be well nourished so that their babies will be well nourished.

The mission of the Foundation is to improve the growth and development of babies and young children by ensuring that girls and young women have varied and balanced diets. To achieve this mission, the Foundation will promote public engagement, training and research.

BBC Progamming August 2011

BBC Horizon & BBC Radio

This press coverage in August and September follows showing of the BBC Horizon television program “The Nine Months That Made You” and three BBC radio programs around the theme of Dr Barker’s work.

The Nine Months That Made You… (VIDEO)

The First 1000 Days: A Legacy for Life… (AUDIO)

The March of Dimes awards Dr. Barker November 2010

Researcher Who Linked Fetal Nutrition to Adult Disease Honored By March of Dimes

The 30th anniversary of the March of Dimes Agnes Higgins Award for outstanding achievement in the field of maternal-fetal nutrition has been awarded to Dr. Barker on November 8, 2010.

Read the press release…

Lecture Video August 2010

The video below is taken from a lecture given Dr. Barker in Buenos Aires. The video is 57 minutes long. Please be patient for it to load.

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